About Kite Invent


The mission of Kite Invent is to use technology to do a difference within healthcare.

The core competences are extensive knowledge about healthcare, technology, the healthcare market place and trends in healthcare and being able to transform this knowledge to objective strategies, plans and goals for hospitals, companies and startups.

The company is built around two key areas:

Inspire by curating trends within healthcare and technology

Kite Invent wants to inspire technology enthusiasts, students and healthcare professionals by analyzing new trends, companies and products within healthcare and presenting the key themes through tweets, blog posts, white papers and reports.

Healthcare blog –  Design Healthcare Technology

Help startup, companies and healthcare organization use healthcare IT

Kite Invent offers services to support healthcare organizations and businesses achieve their goals.

For startups Kite Invent can help create business plans and strategies, use an extensive network to hospitals and investors to identify customers and investors and provide smaller investments.

For companies Kite Invent can help analyze the existing company and product portfolio and identify how to take advantage of healthcare trends and advice on how to position new initiatives to address these trends.

For health organizations and hospitals Kite Invent can advise in how to purchase Health IT solutions that match the current state-of-the-art technology and are positioned towards future trends. Kite Invent also provides consultancy services relating to how IT can be used to optimize the treatment, safety and efficiency in the hospital setting.

Please contact thomas@kiteInvent.com for more information.

Getting the kite to fly …

Kite Invent wants to inspire the community to build new health IT companies (build new kites), help existing companies fly higher (get the kite in the air by gently pulling the string) and build our own kites if needed.

About Kite Invent

Kite Invent was founded by Thomas Riisgaard Hansen in July 2016.

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